MONJ Vacuum Fresh Juicer

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Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the importance of health and have joined the ranks of the healthy army. Not only are the requirements for food more stringent, but also the drinks have begun to pay attention to. Milk tea, bottled drinks and other drinks with high sugar content and high additive ingredients have been gradually abandoned by people, and fresh juice has become a new favorite in our lives. But the health and quality of fruit juice bought outside are worrying. It's better to make nutritious fresh fruit juice with a juicer at home and enjoy healthy and delicious.


As a important part of small kitchen appliance, juicer has high cost performance and can meet our various needs. However, some people always say that the juicer they bought is very weak. Today we will tell you how important it is to choose a good juicer.


Although the traditional Juicer can grind hard enough and extract delicate juice, it has too many parts and components, which is inconvenient to carry, and cleaning is even more a headache. Today we are going to talk about choosing a juicer that is suitable for family use and is easy to use and labor-saving.

Compared with the traditional juicer, the monj vacuum fresh-keeping juicer is exquisite and small, especially convenient to carry, with a powerful charging design, which can use for ten cups of juice at a time.


304 fine steel 4-blade wear-resistant cutter head and food grade cup body material not only have strong juicing power, but also ensure the health and safety of juice. The detachable design of monj vacuum fresh-keeping Juicer makes cleaning no longer an annoying thing.


In particular, monj vacuum fresh-keeping Juicer has a unique design, that is, vacuum juicing technology. The air in the cup body can be extracted by pulling 8 times up and down to form a sealed vacuum environment, which can well prevent the food from being oxidized and affect the taste and nutrition.


In the office, prepare a cup of mango & orange to relieve stress; during the journey, a cup of banana yogurt to replenish energy; after exercise, drink a cup of raspberry Apple milk shake to eliminate fatigue and build a slim body. Every drop of juice from MONJ vacuum fresh-keeping juicer is fresh, which brings you a wonderful time.

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