MONJ Small Kitchen Appliances

 “MONJ small kitchen appliances” As we all know, everyday life is a grind and filled with hardships. How can we make these “daily grinds” simple and easier? After a long days grind, another adventure awaits in the kitchen. With the 3 in 1 Multi-function food processor, cutting, dicing, and mincing just got easier and quicker. By adding all the ingredients into the food processors mixing bowl and a push. Your preparation times have been reduced significantly. If dinner is not in the schedule. A quick protein shake is only a push button away. 

Leading the future,

Who was MONJ born for?

Independence and autonomy of female

Strong consumption demand and capacity

Means a new economic growth point is mature


In the future

Enough market brings more possibilities and growth for 

women' s consumer market products.


MONJ is a small appliance brand focused on personal care and nutrition for women.  

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Richard Wong Tak Kan in Hong Kong.Mr. Wong and the R & D team 

have been deeply involved in the home appliance industry for 15 years and have focused on the detailed daily needs of women.  

In order to carry out the integrated operation of design, research and development, 

production, sales and service of original home appliances.

 Much research and insight has been devoted to make every urban woman who values beauty and quality of life a reality.

With urban women as the primary focus, 

Mr. Wong designed and developed a series of high-quality appliances that are inseparable from women's lives. 

These innovations help urban women achieve better, 

smarter and more convenient personal care methods to meet their expectations for a better quality of life.

MONJ advocates a simple, healthy and advanced life attitude and is committed to 

creating a brand-new women’s lifestyle in today’s China.  While satisfying consumers' needs for a "good product", 

it gives them the pleasure of exploring a better quality of life in a more temperature-friendly atmosphere.

  • Brand Positioning

    Minimalism  Lifestyle

  • Brand Concept

    Quality Of health


    Quality of life

  • Brand Building

    Product Personalization

    New Innovations

    Life Experiences

    Marketing content

  • Core Product

    Safe & Healthy

    Convenient & Portable 

    Stylish & Simplicity 

    Quality & Valuable  

    Customer experience

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