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 MONJ USA, Inc. 

Leading the future,

Who was MONJ born for?

Independence and autonomy of female

Strong consumption demand and capacity

Means a new economic growth point is mature


In the future

Enough market brings more possibilities and growth for 

women' s consumer market products.


What is MONJ?

MONJ is a brand and a way of life. 

It originates from Japan, where everyday life crisscrosses all boundaries. MONJ  tries to promote a simple, clean, and minimalist attitude to life. 

The core idea is “a simple life, make life cleaner, easier, more efficient and healthy”. 

We at MONJ are committed to this philosophy. Our products try to integrate these philosophies. We hope they promote a more clean, healthy, practical, and convenient lifestyle. With a minimalist design of our products, we hope to improve the quality of life for our consumers.


According to MONJ, “cleanliness" is about an overall attitude and lifestyle of living clean. Free from environmental toxins that pollute the body and mental pollutants that clog the mind and soul. 

MONJ believes “cleanliness” is the foundation for life. We all need clean air, water and clean essentials to survive. Another foundation is a clean and healthy spiritual state of mind. 

With our products, we hope to create a mental and physical “cleanliness” for a well rounded and balanced life.


Minimalism is about living with less. This includes less financial burdens, material items, and worldly possessions. For many minimalist, the philosophy is living with less. This coincides with our philosophy. 

MONJ is committed to improving people’s lives through minimalist product designs and functions. This is also a life aesthetic. We believe beauty never needs to be complicated and beautiful things are most often the simplest .

Life Aesthetics

MONJ's life aesthetic is an attitude to a better life. A brand new choice of lifestyle. 

The advocacy of life aesthetics is not to simply satisfy ones aesthetic needs, but to inspire love from it. 

MONJ integrates these life aesthetics into our product design concepts. Allowing the consumer to experience a feeling of “life is better" while being a convenience.

  • Brand Positioning

    Minimalism  Lifestyle

  • Brand Concept

    Quality Of health


    Quality of life

  • Brand Building

    Product Personalization

    New Innovations

    Life Experiences

    Marketing content

  • Core Product

    Safe & Healthy

    Convenient & Portable 

    Stylish & Simplicity 

    Quality & Valuable  

    Customer experience

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